10 Days Challenge Online Workshop

 Live 10 Days Challenge Online Earning Workshop (Batch 2)

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Course content of 3 step Ecosystem Workshop  

  • Day 1:Create Online Store like ZRbazzar.com (Setup) (Part1)
  • Day 2:Create Online Store like ZRbazzar.com (Register in FBR)(Part2)
  • Day 3: Hunt a Product & Taxation of Pakistan 
  • Day 4: Paid Marketing (Google+Facebook+Twitter etc) & Videos and Product photos Editing
  • Day 5: Free Traffic Sources (Setup Customer Support for your online Shop)
Here,1st step of Ecosystem (Online Shop) Milestone will complete. INSHALLAH
  • Day 6:Select Best VPN and Affiliate Marketing
  • Day 7:Setup your Amazon, click bank and other affiliates journey.
Here,2nd step of Ecosystem (Affiliate Marketing) Milestone will complete. INSHALLAH
  • Day 8:Register your company in UK/USA & Setup Your Dropship store.
  • Day 9:Register in Amazon and other international brands. 
  • Day10:Find Wholesalers for Dropship Store and publish your dropship store.
Here,3rd step of Ecosystem (Drop shipping) Milestone will complete. INSHALLAH



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